angel, white, mother

Finally she was laying on the bed in a cheerful stillness.
Staring at her fighting for the last hope was an agony and even more trying to show off that was everything ok, when it wasn’t.

I’m sure that she was listening to me during the night, when i used to whisper gently in her ears that it was just a dream and that she was going to wake up. But the Lord wanted its angel back.

That has nothing to do with sleep: it wasn’t how she used to do when her gentle bottom could fit in just one of my hands; she is going to marry the night and as everybody knows, a sacrament last forever: but it was a forced one, she never said “i do”.

Oh Princess, no more changes will give to your cozy eyes.

You didn’t give up: you are a warrior, you are a winner.
I’m a believer instead: i believe that memories don’t gonna wasted, that they will be recycled like atoms and particles in quantum physics. They will not lose forever.

After all life is a gift: how can i pretend something so perfect without evil?

Suddenly her face lighted up by an intrinsic energy: a birth of magnificient and magical proportion took place. And it seems as if her heart was graviting instantly and everywhere towards a purity.
Yes,it was the great peace that she was looking for. It is eternal,a boundless freedom.

Oh my little Princess,the path is clear and the gate’s door is finally open:
i know that we will see each other soon.