PUNCH ME ON THE FACE is a testimony of a still in process individual path through the harshness of life.

An Anti[hero]

The fighter (a contemporary [anti] hero), facing obstacles and difficulties, is trying to build its own identity, challenging the notion of digitalized society and futile contents, with an intense and realistic view of what surrounds him.

He is a wanderer that despite all thrashings he faced, he is driven by the curiosity and by the will of affirming its position as a single entity.

Violence and Fight

Struggle requires the use of violence.

Violence has a dual nature: it can be something cruel but fascinating as it shapes our bodies and identity, leaving us vulnerable; a revelatory act that allows the pain to enter, demolishing our self-armour, a strenuous step for understanding ourselves.

Scars, livid and traumas are made to be shown as a dignified trophy, as a proof that growth is occurring only from friction and pain.

Through a collection of inspirations and personal works, the resulting overall aesthetic tries to reproduce the rough immediacy of existence.

A raw, carnal and uncompromising head to head with the loneliness of us, as human beings, in front of the bare vastness of the universe: a sense of alienation and of being ostracised by contemporary culture and society.

Chaos of footage, disused images, unused characters, worn out clothes and soundscapes which make use of sampled found-sound ranging from arias: The aesthetic is dirty and aseptic-analytic, all at the same time, showing the reality of things with no ethical filters.



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